My student Sepehr

My student Sepehr Jaberzadeh is playing the preparatory exercise for scales in octaves but in C# major to have more concentration on scales . The wrist of a pianist should be very supple, the fingers taking the octaves should be held firmly but without stiffness and the unoccupied fingers should assume a slightly rounded position. I teach this lesson to the students to have a good wrist-movement and then accelerate the tempo without interruption.

My student Sepehr is playing chords of the diminished seventh, in arpeggios. I teach this lesson to the pianists for extension ( stretching) of the fingers and also to dominate over the arpeggios.
My student Sepehr is playing the 31 lesson of Hanon book which is really very good practice for all fingers (1,2,3,4,5) extensions. This piano technique lesson covers how to play Hanon's Keyboard exercises to improve dexterity and sight reading. I teach this lesson to the pianist in C# major for more concentration and more exercise on scales. I taught him this Sonata because of the most significant aspect of technique may well be that of taking the arm with the hand meaning that as the RH moves upward with the opening motif and similar, the hand is kept in a natural position in relation to the arm. There should be a fairly straight line down the outside (finger 5 side) of the hand and arm. I'm so glad that he has started teaching piano 2 years ago I played this Beethoven Sonata at the age of 16 with professor Ardeshir Rohani.My student Sepehr is playing Chopin valse Op.64 No.2 on piano which is the most famous and beautiful valse of Chopin . Most of the professional pianists play this valse . I played this valse at the age of 17 with professor Ardeshir Rohani. With playing this valse you are cascading down the keyboard and then racing back up. sounds hard but it really isn't.This valse is using contrast to enhance dynamics in a lot of places . This valse is in C# minorMy student Sepehr is playing Tavalodet Mobarak(Persian birthday song) This is the most famous Iranian music which is played in all birthday ceremonies and all Iranian pianists like to play that. This music composed by professor Anoushirvan Rohani and this version is arranged by professor Ardeshir Rohani in A flat majorMy student Sepehr is playing the first and second movement of Beethoven Moonlight sonata Op,27 No.2. I've been teaching him for 7 years and he is one of my best and talented students. The first movement is in C# minor and the second one is in D flat major. Most of the pianists wish to play this Sonata on piano. This Sonata evokes the emotional expressiveness of the romantic era. I have played it at the age of 17 with professor Ardeshir RohaniMy student Sepehr is playing symphony 40 Mozart and this symphony is in G minor and it's written in 1788. It is sometimes referred to as the "Great G minor symphony" to distinguish it from the " Little G minor symphony No 25.My student Sepehr is playing Chopin valse No 14 on piano and it's in E minor. All of the pianists wish to play Chopin valses, specially this one because of its rhythm and all the challenges it has.