My student Dorsa

My student Dorsa is playing Ballade pour Adeline in C major on piano. This music is composed by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint. The piece was a contribution to Paul de Senneville’s daughter, Adeline. Years after that Jean-Claude Borelly recorded his own version and again in 1999 Richard Clayderman performed a duet of the track with guitarist Francis Goya.My student Dorsa is playing Tavalodet Mobarak(Persian birthday song)which is in G major. This is the most famous Iranian music which is played in all birthday ceremonies and al Iranian pianists like to play that. This music composed by professor Anoushirvan Rohani.My student Dorsa is playing Letter to my mother which the writer is Paul de seneville. I teach this really beautiful melody to my students because of the movements and it is iv B flat major. Richard Clayderman has played it for several times. I played this music with professor Ardeshir Rohani at the age of 11.My student Dorsa is playing Burgmuller No.15 Balada on piano and it is in C minor. this book is very good for teaching because of its tempo.My student Dorsa is playing really beautiful melody named Jardin secret on piano and it is in B minor.
This is my favourite emotional music and Dorsa plays it really good.
My student Dorsa is playing Casacho on piano. This is an old melody. I teach this melody to my students because of the ending arpeggios and its tempo and staccatos.My student Dorsa who plays piano really nicely. She's playing a Russian folklore music named Dark eyes . This music is in D minor and the pianist practices different chords on left hand .