Parisa Mostafavi is an accomplished pianist and highly experienced piano teacher. She has over 30 years of successful teaching experience. Born and raised in Tehran, Parisa Mostafavi began her musical journey at the age of six with renown Iranian composer and pianist professor Ardeshir Rohani and continued until the age of twenty.

She also took composition lessons with Farhad Fakhreddini who is a very well known Iranian composer and conductor. At the same time she took piano lessons with Ms Delbar Hakimova who helped her so much more to achieve the goals she had. Parisa has presented four piano recitals and continues to develop her passion in music.

On Ardeshir Rohani’s request, Parisa started teaching his students for nearly two years and that was when she decided to become a piano teacher. Since then she teaches all styles from classical to pop and Iranian to kids and adults of all ages. As well as providing a strong musical foundation, she takes an approach full of fun towards teaching young children and tries to make plan each session tailored to the individual student’s needs.