My student Media

My student Dorsa is playing Ballade pour Adeline in C major on piano. With his business partner Olivier Toussaint, de Senneville launched with his piece . The solo career of French pianist Richard Clayderman ,with whom it is closely associated . The Adeline of the title is de Senneville's daughter.

My student Media is playing La Boheme on piano . La Boheme is one of the most French famous melody and Charles Aznavour has sung it. This beautiful music is in D minor.My student Media is playing Bach Anna Magdalena No.3 on piano , this lesson is in G minor. Anna Magdalena book is being used as a trustworthy source of pieces suited to beginner and elementary pianists. I learned how to play this piece with Professor Ardeshir Rohani when I was 8.My student Media playing Dr Zhivago on piano. Dr Zhivago is an old famous music from very famous movie . This nice melody is in G major.

My student Media is playing Comptine on piano This music is a new famous melody .

My student Media is playing a part of Secret garden in the class. it's a very good exercise to stretch left hand . it's in C minor and it is a little bit difficult to play for an elementary pianist. she is trying to concentrate on the flats because it has 3 flats. she has started to play piano for 2 years