My student Neshat

My student Neshat is playing Morning of falls ( paeez) which is composed by Fariborz Lachini and this is one of his famous melodies. I teach this because of the emotional melody and extensions in LH.My student Neshat is playing Wedding of love on piano . Richard Clayderman played it several times in his concerts and it's in A minor.My student Neshat is playing Canzonetta on piano . This music has 3 parts , first in G minor ,second in G major and finally again in G minor . I teach this to my students because of its changing scales which needs more concentration . Neshat is practicing on the first part which is in G minor in the clas

My student Neshat practicing Hanon No.47 on piano. In this exercise notes are repeated in groups of four and in the middle it is more difficult because the notes and movement of the hands are different from each other.