My student Nika

My student Nika is playing Czerny Op,599 No.62 in the class, she is practicing to play legato notes, during teaching this lesson students need a lot of concentration on sixteenth rests. Nika is 10 years old and started playing piano at the age of 8.My student Nika is playing a part of Secret Garden in the class. it's a very good exercise to stretch her little hands specially left hand . It's in C minor and it is a little bit difficult to play for an elementary pianist. she is trying to concentrate on the flats because it's got 3 of them. She started to play piano for 2 years .My student Nika is playing Golden Dreams which is one of the most popular and famous Iranian melodies. I teach this music to my students because its beautiful to play and listen to. It's written in E minor and the cords in LH are great to practice for beginners. The composer of this music is Javad Maroufi . I played this melody with my kind teacher professor Ardeshir Rohani at the age of 6.