My student Parmis

My student Parmis is playing this beautiful valse called Farandel on piano. I teach this music to the students because of the movements on LH. This melody is in E minor.My student Parmis is playing Godfather ,the composer of this music is Nino Rota. This is one of the most famous melodies of all time and because of that I teach this melody to my students . This music is on A minor .My student Parmis is playing Russian music on piano. I teach this melody because its popular and its rhythm is a great challenge for beginner pianists.My student Parmis is playing Rashid khan. Rashid khan is an Iranian folklore music My student Parmis is playing Promenade dans les bois . This music is French and is in D minor. I teach this melody because of the movements of LH and also to teach students how to connect measures.